Monday, May 21, 2012

The Magic Lamp Inn

We finally made it to The Magic Lamp Inn.  Located on old route 66, the decor is kinda Madonna Inn-y but with reds instead of pinks, the patrons were all over 60 years old, and the roadside sign is a neon magic lamp that SHOOTS OUT FIRE.  The dining room had a fake village facade and a model ship in the glass windowed wall next to us.  I know that sentence doesn't make much sense, but stay with me.  There's a giant fire pit in the restaurant that you can lounge around on the red leather upholstered circular seating and in the evenings there's karaoke in the bar.  Again; everyone is over 60 so the karaoke choices and the crooning are at full force awesomeness.  Jeremy sang some Johnny Cash and I took a video- my favorite part of which is when a guy in a walker slowly scoots in front of the camera.  Anyways, this place is a historical gem- visit it while you can.

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