Monday, June 27, 2011

Pioneertown & Rimrock Ranch

If you've been, you know you've harbored dreams of living here.  Who wouldn't want to move into an Old West movie set in the middle of the desert?  I will admit that growing up in the theme-y Danish town of Solvang may have warped my ideas of common commerce but if your town doesn't have staged shoot-out, well, then you may be missing out.  There's a bowling alley that Roy Rogers rolled the first ball at and a motel that has stalls for horses- if that's your mode of travel.  And Pappy and Harriet's is pretty much the backdrop I'd like the movie of my life to be filmed at.  If I wanted it filmed at a bar. There's been a handful of lazy days in LA where I contemplate driving the 2+ hours just to get a couple drinks here.

On this trip we stayed in the Airstream at Rimrock Ranch.  Beyond rad.  We sat on the trailer patio.  We used the 8-track.  We reclined on the star-gazing deck - which is speaking strongly to the vibe because "recliner," is pretty far down the list of adjectives I'd use to describe myself- and the number of shooting stars we watched easily rivaled the number of times I said, "I think we could probably make it work living here."  Which is, to say; a lot.  A couple of people climbed up the deck in the pitch black of night and, after a little bit of conversation, it turned out that one of the girls was one of Jeremy's old co-workers who was preparing for her wedding there in the upcomming weekend.  To make this pinpoint of a place an even smaller location for coincidences- the other girl lived just a block over from us in LA.  

Less than a year later, Jeremy held his bachelor party at the same spot.  If that's not a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.

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