Monday, June 27, 2011

Old Trapper's Lodge

The fact that Pierce College houses this collection of statues out behind the school next to a chicken coop, really made me wish I had gone to school there(especially coupled with the fact that as we pulled in, they had a giant GEM SHOW going on).  I guess these are the sort of requirements I have for my higher learning establishments.

Before the statues were relocated to the college of my dreams, they resided at a motel called, "Old Trapper's Lodge," in Sun Valley, CA.  John Ehn opened this motel out by airport in 1941 and began making creepy concrete statues of characters straight out of an old Western film. 

I don't know what this says about me but when I was younger, I thought that Old West saloon girls were the epitome of glamour.  The feathers, tights, garter belts (???), and ringlets?  Pure class.  Apparently Ehn agreed; his statues depict many Mae West-like ladies along with cocky looking hunters, proud prairie women, and the requisite cowboys and Indians.  A cemetery named, "Boot Hill," presents something like a book of flash fiction; each tombstone telling a short story about the characters that lie beneath. 

The motel was torn down in the mid-eighties but the statues and cemetery were preserved and brought to Pierce where they remain, free for viewing, as a California Historical Landmark.

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